Implants from Marquardt for the upper extremities

WINSTA-R Distal Radius System

Distal radius and distal ulna fractures

Locking WINSTA-R Plate

Polyaxial, locking system for high stability – WINSTA-R

Secure fixation of extra- and intraarticular fractures of the distal radius

WINSTA-R is a system of locking plates for volar and dorsal treatment. The Polyaxial Locking Screws can be inserted with 20° variability with minimal screw head protrusion. WINSTA-R enables secure, form-stable connection of the Polyaxial Locking Screws in the plate.

Distal Ulna Plate – WINSTA-R

Anatomically pre-shaped

WINSTA-R Ulna Plates are available for the right and left ulna, with and without distal hooks. WINSTA-R Ulna Plates with distal hook provide better fixation of the processus styloideus ulnae.

Distal WINSTA-R Ulna Plate

Combi holes

Allow the use of different locking, polyaxial and non-locking screws and pins.

Double row screw arrangement

Enables fixation in the distal area of the dorsal edge fragment and excellent subchondral stability.


Titanium with special anodization of the surface type II
Advantages of the WINSTA-R System

K-wire fixation

The plates can be fixed temporarily with k-wires

Watershed Design

Soft tissue protecting shaping