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PEDUS-R rearfoot system

For fixation of calcaneus fractures

Minimally invasive plate PEDUS R MIS locking

Minimally invasive and locking – PEDUS-R MIS locking

Plate osteosynthesis for calcaneus fractures

The PEDUS-R MIS plate was developed with side-specific anatomical shaping for the right and left heel bone. The plate can be inserted via a Sinus Tarsi access. The oblong hole allows optimal placement of the cannulated screw into the Sustentaculum Tali. The plate is available in a short and a long version.

Self-tapping screws in the system

Unique combination possibilities

Both locking and conventional cortical screws are suitable for the screw holes of all PEDUS-R system plates. The oblong hole of the PEDUS-R MIS Plate can also be fitted with a 4.0 mm cannulated screw.

Minimally invasive plate PEDUS R MIS locking

Anatomical shaping

Specific design for the right and left calcaneus, consideration of the angle of Gissane.

Anatomically adaptable

Soft tissue friendly

Oval hole

Suitable for placing a 4.0 mm cannulated screw into the sustentaculum tali over a guide wire
Advantages of the PEDUS-R rearfoot system

Type II anodization

Improved biomechanical performance and reduction of cold welding



Small incisions

The plate can be inserted through an soft-tissue friendly sinus tarsi approach