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Locking foot plate systems from Marquardt

Pedus-O and Pedus-U

PEDUS-O for open wedge osteotomy

PEDUS-O – locking plating system for fixation of open wedge osteotomies

Spacer width 0 to 6 mm; Length 17 to 23 mm

With different spacer widths, PEDUS-O allows the exact correction of the IM angle with simultaneous stable fixation of the osteosynthesis using locking screws.

PEDUS-U – locking universal plating system

Length 19 to 27 mm

The locking universal plate is used for various osteotomy techniques, arthrodeses and fractures in the forefoot.

PEDUS-U for fractures, fusion or correction

Combination holes

The plates can be fixed with locking and non-locking screws in every screw hole.


Titanium, anodization type II


Self cutting screws, ø 2,3 mm, 12-26 mm screw length

Wedge size

The correction angle can be defined by choosing the corresponding wedge size in steps of 1 mm from 2 – 6 mm.

K-wire fixation

Two k-wire holes for temporary fixation of the plates.

Basic Osteotomy - Open Wedge

PEDUS-O: for malpositioning metatarsals I and for correction of hallux valgus