Implants from Marquardt for the upper extremities

LBN – proximal humerus nail

Locking Blade Nail

WINSTA-PH2; WINSTA-C und LBN fort he shoulder

Locking Blade Nail with patented blade support

Intramedullary nail osteosynthesis of the proximal humerus

The triangle of forces between nail and blade makes the LBN system from Marquardt Medizintechnik unique. The Locking Blade Nail stabilizes with an additional blade support on the medial column of the humeral head. The blade is also a support for the calotte fragment during abduction.

Secure fixation of humeral fractures

Flexible concept

The nail can be used with or without an additional blade. An integrated screw lock made of PEEK fixes the screw in the nail.

LBN for secure fixation of humerus fractures

LBN Locking Head Screw

Provide a secure hold in the humeral head, even without blade.

PEEK Insert

Provides secure fixation of the screws in the nail.

LBN Blade Fixation Screw

Holds the blade in place over the lateral cortex and nail, creating a force triangle.

Distal Nail Diameter

Tapering of the nail at the distal end for easier insertion of the nail in tight medullary canals.
Special features of Marquardt's LBN

Anterior chamfer

Conforms to shape of humeral head and prevents from ventro- cranial nail protrusion.

LBN Blade / Force Triangle

Stability is achieved with the blade supporting the medial column. The blade is also a support for the calotte fragment during abduction.

Modular Washer

The modular washer provides a secure, form-fit force transmission to the cortex. This ensures pressure-distributed fixation of the fragments and an additional option of refixation of the rotator cuff.


Titanium, anodization type II