Marquardt ISG Screw System

ISG – Iliosacral Pelvic Screw System

With or without cement application

For screw osteosynthesis in the sacroiliac joint

For stabilization of the posterior pelvic ring - ISG Screw System

For screw osteosynthesis in the sacroiliac joint

The ISG Screw System is used for fixation of osteoporotic and non-osteoporotic fractures of the pelvis and is often used in cases of osteoarthritis or dislocation of the sacroiliac joint. The thread surfaces of ISG Screws are corrundum blasted in a subtractive process. The increased roughness of the surface structure leads to an enlargement of the implant surface which increases the primary stability of the implanted screws. Osseointegration is supported by the optimized surface structure.

Washers - movably mounted, fixed to the screw head

Uniform force distribution, secure removal

The mounted washer ensures an optimal force distribution on the bone and prevents the screw head from penetrating the bone. The washer is safely removed during screw removal.

Advantages of the ISG Screw System

Cement augmentation

Optional additional stabilisation

The implant anchorage can optionally be improved by cement augmentation. Perforations in the front part of the screw ensure an optimal cement distribution around the tip of the screw. Screw osteosynthesis is possible with or without cement application.

Compression and stabilization

ISG – fully threaded screw or with a short thread

Optimum contact surface and even force distribution

Movable mounted washers
Advantages of the ISG Screw System

Corundum blasted thread surface

Reduces implant loosening

Even augmentation possible

6 perforations on the tip if the screw