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WINSTA-FiT – ankle trauma

Locking plate system for the distal fibula and tibia

Especially anatomically shaped locking plates

WINSTA-FiT – anatomical, polyaxial, locking

Universal plating system made of titanium

The WINSTA-FiT plating system by Marquardt Medizintechnik offers anatomically shaped plates that have been specially developed for locking plate fixation of fractures of the distal fibula and tibia. Focusing on the essentials, a clearly arranged instrumentation and full compatibility with the Marquardt small fragment platform characterize the system.

The right screws for the system

Locking and non-locking screws

The WINSTA-FiT-Plates are fixed with self-tapping cortical screws. Each screw hole can be occupied polyaxially with both locking and non-locking screws in diameters of 2.7mm or 3.5mm. The special WINSTA colour system makes it easy to choose the right screw.

Special screws for the plate system

Anatomic design

Indication specific implants of the newest anatomically shaped generation

Polyaxial screw holes

Optimal distribution of the screws over the pilon tibiale and avoiding collisions both in the distal and shaft area.

Bridging zones

Maximum stability of the fracture zone
The advantages of WINSTA-FiT

Easy and flexible

Each screw fits in each round screw hole


Plates made of titanium with type II anodization, reduced risk of cold welding

Distal flattening

For easier insertion

Easy, variable – WINSTA-FiT

  • Anatomical plate design
  • Clearly structured system, with all essential elements
  • Implants for tibia and fibula in one set
  • Compatible with the small fragment solutions from Marquardt
  • Highest quality, 100% designed and made in Germany
  • Compatible with the Marquardt Universal Instrumentarium
contemporary plating system for fibula and tibia fractures

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Self-tapping cortical screws
Self-tapping cortical screws
Locking Cortical Screw, self-tapping
Locking, self-tapping Cortical Screw
Locking Cancellous Bone Screw, self-tapping
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