Marquardt ISG Screw System

ISG–Rod System

Transsacral rod osteosynthesis

Cannulated sacral rod system

For stabilization of the posterior pelvic ring

The system was developed to allow minimally invasive surgical treatment of unstable fractures of the posterior pelvic ring. Due to the length increments of 5 mm, no intraoperative shortening of the implants is necessary. In combination with a fully cannulated instrumentation, this allows small incisions and a percutaneous surgical technique.

The central position of the implant, which crosses the fracture plane at almost 90°, allows high biomechanical stability. By using the compression nut, fixation is not directly dependent on the bone density of the sacrum. The locking nut ensures long-term stabilization.


Washers - movably mounted

Areal force distribution, safe removal

The mounted washers ensure bilateral even force distribution on the bone and prevent the rod and nut from penetrating the bone. During implant removal, the washers are safely removed as well.


Precise and efficient

While the radiological anatomy of the sacrum and the intraoperative orientation are complex, the surgical procedure was designed for the best possible simplification. A set with only seven instruments and two guide wires allows efficient, time-saving surgery. A long guide wire, which is bilaterally accessible, ensures safe handling of the system in combination with cannulated instruments and implants.

Compression Nut

Compression of the opposite side continuously adjustable via metric double helix thread

Locking Nut

Secure fixation due to counter nut and internal octahedral interface

Bone thread

Ø 7.5 mm bone thread in the sacrum area

Convex washer

Flexibly mounted with rounded lower edge


Safe implantation via a Ø 2.8 mm guide wire

Implant length

Suitable implant length selectable in 5mm increments


All implants are made of the titanium alloy Ti6Al4V. For the rod and the nuts, the type II anodization process is used.

Set overview

  • Reduced to the essentials
  • Fully cannulated
  • Guide wire optionally with threaded or self drilling tip
  • Everything from a single source - 100% developed and produced in Germany

Product gallery

ISG-Rod Ø 7.5mm with movable washer
Compression Nut for ISG-Rod
Locking Nut for ISG-Rod