Implants from Marquardt for the upper extremities

WINSTA-C – locking clavicula plate system

Extensive system with 30 plate variants

WINSTA-PH2; WINSTA-C and LBN for the shoulder

The right plate for every type of clavicle fracture

Plates for various bends of the clavicle

The anatomical variance of the clavicles is very high, therefore the WINSTA-C system offers plates in three different lengths and three different bends. The curve-shaped tips of the plates allow percutaneous insertion, shaft notches allow a good modelling of the plates. The plate holes are filled with cortical screws, locking or non-locking screws, polyaxial or monoaxial. The screw heads sit flush with the plate, reducing the risk of soft tissue irritation.

A wide range of plates

Diverse variants

WINSTA-C offers plates and screws in various shapes and lengths: J-shaped plates for fractures in the transition region from the lateral to the middle third of the clavicle, lateral plates in three different lengths as well as hook plates in two lengths for the treatment of lateral clavicle fractures and injuries to the AC joint. The plates are divided into four groups according to their shape and are available in left and right versions.

WINSTA-C offers a comprehensive range of plates

Colour coding

For easier identification of the side-specific plates, the left plates are green and marked with "L", the right plates are blue and have an "R" marking.

Skid-shaped plate tips

Allow percutaneous insertion

Screw heads flush in the plate

Reduced risk of soft tissue irritations



Example of use